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Online Training

We offer fun, in-depth and engaging online seminars to teachers, principals and even to key opinion leaders at their respective schools. Our online training courses are tailor made to meet the requirement of any teacher, who wishes to become a Phoenix School learning solution power user.
Learn from the experts: Our online training features, developed by seasoned veterans, who have dedicated hundreds of hours in training and technical support.
Maximize your investment: Are you making the most of Phoenix School products? We offer an array of useful features that help in saving your time and money come see all of them in action.

On-site Training

An experienced Phoenix School trainer will come to your school and train your staff. On-site Training allows teachers and school staff to spend some time, in a dynamic hands-on environment and explore the features of our products. Discuss ways in which these technologies and applications can improve the educational environment of a school. Involve parents and raise the overall performance of students.

Telephone Support

If you contact us by telephone our primary task is to gather all the necessary information that is relevant to your reported issue and log it as a support issue this is unless the reported issue can be fixed within 5 minutes of the initial call being logged.

First line support pick up all issues in priority order oldest call first. They will attempt to replicate the issue and if they can replicate it, they will work to resolve the issue. If they need to ask you for additional information, they will either call you or send you an email either way, they will email you to confirm the details.

If the reported issue needs further Phoenix School knowledge or greater technical knowhow, first line support will escalate your issue to second line support. They will continue to work on your reported issue to resolution.

Development Bug

If you are found any of bugs/issues in phoenix school software products, then it is promoted to a bug ticket and investigated by our development team. If the development team confirm it as a bug, it becomes a Known Issue.