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Phoenix School ERP Biometric Attendance Software

Educational institutions consider attendance tracking of staff as one of their biggest challenges. Even today, there are many schools are rely on old traditional like attendance registers and other manual systems.

Nonetheless, with the emergence of these next-generation Phoenix School biometric systems, tracking the attendance of staff, record Punch in & Out Time, calculating the aggregate work duration of staff, leave management, etc have become simple, accurate, trustworthy and bother free.

Wireless Attendance machine

without any dependence to getting instantly connect with the server.

Hassle free Payroll Calculation

The machine is connected with Phoenix HR Module, which helps you to generate salary of your employee with a single click.

Real-Time Data

Advance technology of Machine will deliver you the real-time data within 30 seconds of punch by the user.

One Time Investment

Service free machine with a one-time investment.

Live Real-time attendance data : based on Fingerprint,
Face Recognition, RFID Card and Walkthrough.

No PC Required No Network Required

No IP Address Required No Port Required


  • Deplete Need for Manpower

    This solution eliminates the need for human interference, in order to operate the hardware. The attendance captured is registered immediately. It reduces workloads for staff by sending the bulk of SMS in seconds.

  • User Friendly

    Phoenix RFID System is a user friendly Biometric Student Attendance System for Schools. It is one of the most efficient Online Student Attendance System for Schools. Also, the web login is empowered with robust MIS reports along with graphical dashboards.

  • Cost Effective Solution

    When it comes to RFID school attendance system price, Phoenix School promises cost effective solution providing optimum results. This solution is cheaper and more effective than sending a letter or making a phone call.

  • RFID School Bus Tracking System

    Parents are also notified regarding their ward boarding and de-boarding to the school bus. Along with prominent option to send personalized SMS messages on request that make us stand out in the market.

  • Fully Secured and Safe Monitoring

    Student attendance monitoring system with SMS proves to be a highly child safety solution. Parents are well aware and fully updated with child arrival and departure from the school. Authorized school authorities can monitor the students and can also look after the student attendance more efficiently.

  • Enhance Communication with Parents

    RFID plays a very crucial role by delivering all the required communication to the parents about their ward timely and quickly. Thus reducing the communication gaps and lowering the chances of unavoidable circumstances.

Benefits of RFID

Quick & Easy to use.
Cheaper and more effective than sending a letter or making a phone call.
Reduces staff workloads, send bulk SMS in seconds.
Inventory and Stock Management.
Logistic and Warehouse Management.
Improves student attendance.
Reduces unexplained absences and latest.
Improves school communication with parents.
Flexible sending options i.e. full flexible control of when messages are sent.
Send personalized SMS messages.